Rivo Mobile Phones Prices in Pakistan

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Rivo Phantom PZ18

Rs. 16,500/-

Rivo Rhythm RX100

Rs. 14,300/-

Rivo Rhythm RX200

Rs. 10,300/-

Rivo Rhythm RX80

Rs. 9,100/-

Rivo Rhythm RX75

Rs. 8,600/-

Rivo Rhythm RX70

Rs. 8,400/-

Rivo Phantom PZ15

Rs. 13,700/-

Rivo Phantom PZ10

Rs. 12,300/-

Rivo Phantom PZ8

Rs. 9,200/-

Rivo Phantom PZ1

Rs. 6,300/-

Rivo Rhythm RX65

Rs. 6,600/-

Rivo Rhythm RX60

Rs. 9,200/-

Rivo Rhythm RX55

Rs. 5,200/-

Rivo Rhythm RX50

Rs. 4,900/-

Rivo Rhythm RX40

Rs. 6,300/-

Rivo Rhythm RX35

Rs. 5,300/-
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