Haier Microwave Ovens Prices in Pakistan

Latest Models, Updated Prices, Specs, Shops and Dealers for Haier Microwave Ovens

Haier HPK-2070M

Rs. 6,300/-

Haier HPK-2070MS

Rs. 6,300/-

Haier HGN-2070M

Rs. 6,400/-

Haier HGN-2070MS

Rs. 6,400/-

Haier HDN-2080E

Rs. 7,900/-

Haier HDN-2080M

Rs. 7,100/-

Haier HDL-20MX89-L

Rs. 10,300/-

Haier HGN-2690M

Rs. 9,000/-

Haier HGN-2690MS

Rs. 14,900/-

Haier HDN-2690EGC

Rs. 14,900/-

Haier 3290 EGM

Rs. 12,250/-

Haier EB-32100EB

Rs. 10,500/-

Haier HGN-38100EGW

Rs. 14,900/-

Haier HGN-45100ES

Rs. 13,850/-

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